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Dr Oz can't be wrong about these tricks to keep your blood sugar stable

by , 22 May 2014

Being in control of your blood sugar isn't only for people with type 2 diabetes! Everyone needs to learn how to do it.

This because your blood sugar has a lot to do with your ability to lose weight. If your blood sugar is constantly up and down, you're likely to have more food cravings. And that's something that'll ruin your ability to reach your weight loss goals!

So whether you're a type 2 diabetic or you just want to shed some extra weight, use Dr Oz's tips to control your blood sugar…

Treat diabetes with Common Cinnamon?
Someday soon the threat of diabetes type II could be wiped out for millions of people. Because you could overcome and prevent it, using nothing more costly than table cinnamon.
I’m not talking about some exotic variety, but the stuff that’s already in your cupboard!
Up until recently, type II diabetics thought they had no choice but to pay through the nose for prescription drugs. Side effects from these drugs include extreme weakness, muscle pain, trouble breathing and even heart arrhythmia.
But it doesn’t have to be this way…
Discover how to treat diabetes with common  cinnamon and other natural remedies here.

If every meal contains all three major nutrients, it’ll be easy to control your blood sugar 

There’s a reason eating a balanced diet means eating fats, protein and carbs at every meal. Even if you have a small amount of healthy fat and lean protein with your meal, it helps regulate your blood sugar, says Dr Oz.
For example, eating cereal with fat free milk in the morning may cause your blood sugar to spike and then drop shortly after that. This leaves you with sugar cravings and you’re likely to snack on unhealthy foods before lunch.
Rather have full cream milk with your cereal and add a spoon of whey protein to keep you feeling satisfied for longer.
And if you still crave sugar, here’s a low-cal alternative to tasty treats…

It’s time you start liking what you see in the mirror!
Whether you just need to lose a few kilograms or you need to lose many… Whether you’ve had some success dieting before or you’ve failed miserably with every diet you’ve ever tried… We’ll help you reach your goal weight and keep it off!

Instead of eating sugary snack, drink sparkling water to keep your blood sugar under control 

A bottle of sparkling water with a touch of lemon juice and honey may be all you need to curb your sugar cravings. Not only does it taste like a normal fizzy drink, you’ll increase your daily water intake which will help you to lose weight too!
There you have it! Try these easy ways to get your blood sugar under control…

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Dr Oz can't be wrong about these tricks to keep your blood sugar stable
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