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Don't lose a limb because of your sugar diabetes!

by , 07 April 2014

Amputation is one of the scariest complications of sugar diabetes. And what's even more scary is you may not even know you have a problem until it's too late! Use these tips to take care of your feet to lower your risk of amputation…

If you suffer from sugar diabetes your risk of amputation is high

Your risk of having a foot  or part of your foot amputated when you have sugar diabetes is a shocking 25%, says Medicinenet.com. This because of issues that arise because of complications of your disease. The high sugar in your blood damages the nerves in your feet and you can’t feel sores or when ulcers develop.
This leads to a vicious cycles of events where the sugar worsens the sore or injury while damaging your nerves even more. When you can’t feel the pain you don’t tend to the injury and it just keeps getting worse. So, when it becomes bad enough you’ll lose your foot.
You can prevent this from happening to you!

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Use these five tips to protect your feet if you have sugar diabetes
1.     Daily foot inspections: Even if you have no pain, check your feet every day and tend to even tiny injuries you have.
2.     Change your fate: Get rid of obstacles around your home to reduce your risk of injury. Always walk in well-lit areas, keep the floors clear of clutter and be careful when walking past chairs, tables and doors. These may cause tiny cuts you won’t even feel.
3.     Cut your toenails: Cut your toenails with a safety clipper to prevent injury. But keep them long enough to prevent ingrown toenails to lower your risk of infection.
4.     Wear shoes: Always wear shoes or slippers that provide enough support and protect your feet. Walking around barefoot increases your risk of injury.
5.     Exercise: Improve the circulation in your legs and feet with exercise reducing your risk of nerve damage.
It’s easy to lower your risk of damage to your feet and subsequent amputation when living with sugar diabetes. Use these five tips to protect your feet. 

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Don't lose a limb because of your sugar diabetes!
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