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Don't let your love of fizzy drinks leave your once strong bones brittle and weak

by , 26 March 2014

The ingredients in your favourite fizzy drinks can literally cause your bones to melt away in your body. Rather use these tips to make your own fizzy drinks at home. You can still enjoy your guilty pleasure without putting the health of your bones at risk! Read on to find out how to maintain strong bones despite your love of fizzy drinks…

There are two ingredients in your fizzy drinks that rob you of your bone strength
1. Phosphoric acid: This is what makes your favourite fizzy drinks so corrosive. You’ve surely heard about the nail left in coke that completely disappears in a few hours? Well, that’s because of the acid. Saveourbones.com says this acid is strong enough to remove even the toughest rust! Now just imagine what it does to your bones!
Watch this incredible video of what phosphoric acid does to the shell of an egg. Remember, an eggshell is full of calcium, just like your bones!
2. HFCS: This is a strong sugar that rips the calcium right out of your body. And your favourite fizzy drinks are full of it.
It’s also a strong acid, which forces calcium to bind to it in your gut. This way, calcium isn’t available for the other processes in your body. Because your essential organs need calcium more than your bones do, the calcium then leaches out of your bones for these essential processes and the health of your bones deteriorates. 

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Don’t give up your love of a fizzy drinks, just choose a healthier alternative!
· Use sparkling spring water
· Buy some herbal flavour syrups from your local health shop
· Alternatively, buy fruit flavoured syrups
· Add a teaspoon of two to the water in a glass and adjust the amount for the flavour you desire
As you can see, making your own fizzy drinks at home isn’t only easy and cheap, it’s a lot healthier for your bones too.

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Don't let your love of fizzy drinks leave your once strong bones brittle and weak
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