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Don't let your diabetes drugs cause more health problems - tackle diabetes naturally

by , 26 February 2013

“People with diabetes are already at higher risk for pancreatitis because of the role the pancreas plays in the condition,” reports Health24. Now, there's even more reason to worry as a study by John Hopkins Hospital has revealed that the diabetes drugs you use to regulate your blood sugar could double your risk of developing pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas). Read on to discover which drugs have been tagged as high risk by the study and discover a natural treatment for diabetes instead.

Diabetes patients who rely on glucagon-like peptide-1-based (GLP-1) therapies, Januvia and Byetta, to regulate their blood sugar take head.

According to the study, which compared 1,300 type II diabetes patients who took GLP-1 drugs with the same number of type II diabetes patients who took other medications, patients who took these to drugs “were twice as likely to be hospitalised with acute pancreatitis within 60 days of first taking the drugs than the other group of patients,” reports Health24.

If you’re currently treating your diabetes with drugs, this should serve as a warning. Rather rely on natural ways to regulate your blood sugar instead…

Try this diabetes vitamin duo to treat diabetes naturally

Because of stress, urinary losses and destruction by artificial sweeteners, vitamin C requirements in diabetics is usually higher than with most people, reports waystogethealth.com.

That’s why natural health practitioner Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition and Healing, believes Vitamin C is highly beneficial in treating diabetes.

But it’s not the only vitamin that’ll help you control your diabetes.

You should also look at upping your daily vitamin E intake, because vitamin E considerably reduces the vascular damage that accompanies diabetes, explains waystogethealth.com.

Dr Wright recommends taking 2,000 mg of vitamin C and 1,200 IU of vitamin E each day – this will help you control your blood sugar and treat your diabetes.

So before you reach for harmful diabetic drugs that could increase your risk of pancreatitis, speak to a skilled natural health practitioner to find out about natural ways to keep your diabetes under control.


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Don't let your diabetes drugs cause more health problems - tackle diabetes naturally
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