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Don't ignore UTIs if you suffer from type II diabetes! It could mean your health is deteriorating!

by , 23 April 2014

If you have type II diabetes you might start suffering from frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs). This because of the way sugar affects not only your immune system. And it also has an effect on how your bladder functions. If lefts untreated, a UTI can become a serious health hazard. Read on to find out what you should know about UTIs when you have type II diabetes too.

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High blood sugar is likely to cause a UTI
UTIs are common when you have type II diabetes and you don’t control your blood sugar. This because your body tries to get rid of the excess sugar through your urine.
You’re not supposed to have sugar in your urinary tract, so it causes problems. For one, it increases the number of bacteria in your urinary tract. These bacteria are what causes you to get a UTI. And your immune system is also weaker when you have diabetes. So this means the bacteria cause infection to develop at a quicker rate.
Diabetes also affects your nerves so your bladder stops emptying completely. This means sugary urine stays behind in your urinary tract which can cause UTIs to become more frequent.

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Control your blood sugar to control UTIs
The first thing you need to do to keep UTIs at bay is to control your blood sugar. Always take the medication you need to at the times prescribed to you! Refrain from eating sugary foods and stay away from simple carb foods to keep your blood sugar under control.
Secondly, you need to drink more water. This will keep your bladder and urinary tract flushed, helping to prevent urine from staying behind, allowing bacteria to build up in your system.
It’s also essential to speak to your doctor is you suffer from frequent UTIs when you have type II diabetes as it may mean you’re not controlling your diabetes as well as you should, says WebMD.

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Don't ignore UTIs if you suffer from type II diabetes! It could mean your health is deteriorating!
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