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Don't deny yourself the pleasure of delicious foods just because you have diabetes! Here are three snacks to try

by , 23 October 2014

The moment your doctor tells you that you're diabetic might be one of the worst of your life. You know you have to avoid sugar like a poison - because that's what it is to your body!

But this can make your life a living hell because the only foods you can eat seem to be those that are bland and tasteless!

It's not only a shock to your taste buds, it can be a shock to your system too.

Luckily, as we're revealing today, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to enjoy your food as much as you used to! There are plenty foods that keep your taste buds tantalised without sending your blood sugar into orbit!

Try these three tasty, but healthy, snacks…

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Skimp on flavour no more! Snack on these “diabetic-friendly” foods

#1. Banana kefir smoothie
Kefir is milk that you ferment with bacterial cultures from kefir grains. The reason it’s good for your health is because of the trillions of bacteria you introduce into your gut when you eat it. They help your current gut bacteria grow and proliferate, improving your health.
And that’s why they’re good for your diabetes!
Diabetes is a highly inflammatory condition. It places a huge amount of stress on your body and, as you know, your gut holds 70% of your immune system, which helps deal with stress.
The bacteria in your gut can’t deal with the amount of constant stress of diabetes and they die off.
So adding kefir to your gut keeps the bacteria healthy and your inflammatory responses fighting fit.
But kefir on its own is an acquired taste, so making it into a delicious smoothie is a great option!
·         Add 1 small, mashed banana to ½ a cup of kefir.
·         Add a tablespoon of chopped walnuts.
·         Add 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.
Blend until you reach the desired consistency and serve.
#2. Cottage cheese and melon
One of the best types of cheese you can eat as a diabetic is cottage cheese, says the American Diabetics Association.
This because it’s low in carbs, but high in protein. This provides your body with a slow releasing source of long-lasting energy – and it tastes great!
Add some sweet fruit to it and have a tasty, healthy snack.
While melons, like spanspek or cantaloupe, contain sugar, they have high fibre and water levels too so they’re suitable for you to eat as a diabetic.
Add them to the protein cottage cheese contains and you basically eliminate the blood sugar spike the sugar might cause.
·         Cut a ¼ of the melon into bite-sized pieces.
·         Mix them into ½ a cup cottage cheese.
Sprinkle a tablespoon of ground flaxseed on top to increase your snack’s fibre content – a great way to ensure your blood sugar stays stable.
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#3. Cauliflower salad
You might not think cauliflower is a delicious or tasty food, but wait until you try this salad:.
Not only is cauliflower a great vegetable that helps regulate your blood sugar, it has many other health benefits too because it contains phytonutrients.
But the thing about cauliflower and why it’s good for your diabetes is its high vitamin C levels.
Just like when you have a cold or can feel the symptoms of the flu starting, you pop a couple vitamin Cs. This because it helps boost your immune system, which protects your body against inflammation.
And because diabetes is an inflammatory condition, vitamin C is essential!
Mix the following together in a large bowl:
·         5 tablespoons low oil, low fat mayonnaise.
·         2 tablespoons of organic, cloudy apple cider vinegar.
·         1 small onion, chopped finely.
·         1/2 teaspoon caraway seeds.
·         1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper.
·         3 cups of fresh, chopped cauliflower.
·         2 cups of chopped lettuce.
·         1 medium red apple with the skin on, chopped into small pieces.
These are just three of the amazingly tasty, healthy snacks you can eat as a diabetic. And they’re not just healthy, they help you control your blood sugar.
Try them today to keep your diabetes in control while tantalising your taste buds.

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Don't deny yourself the pleasure of delicious foods just because you have diabetes! Here are three snacks to try
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