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Does fruit juice really spike your blood sugar levels?

by , 14 February 2018
Does fruit juice really spike your blood sugar levels?
Whether you're trying to take control of your blood sugar levels to manage type 2 diabetes or simply boost overall health, we bet you're curious as to whether or not drinking fruit juice raises your levels.

The short answer is no - drinking fruit juice won't spike your blood sugar levels. Well, not as long as it's 100% fruit juice, that is. This is according to a study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science. Read on for the full findings.

Study finds that drinking fruit juice won’t drive your blood sugar levels through the roof – as long as it’s 100%

The meta-analysis included 18 randomised, controlled trials that evaluated the impact of 100% juice from different fruits, including apple, grape, berry, citrus and pomegranate. The researchers used fasting blood glucose and fasting blood insulin levels as biomarkers for type 2 diabetes.
The researchers found that drinking the various fruit juices didn’t raise the participants’ blood sugar levels. This finding is consistent with previous research that’s found that 100% fruit juice has no effect on fasting blood glucose, fasting blood insulin or insulin resistance, and doesn’t boost your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


Blood sugar worries? 
Get ready to sigh with sweet relief!
When this research first crossed my desk I couldn’t believe it!
The latest blood sugar science shows that your body’s own safety mechanism is why your current blood sugar solution may be selling you short.
In fact, this research confirms that targeting only your body’s natural insulin and your pancreas to conquer blood sugar is like trying to douse a forest fire with a glass of water.
But this research has also led to some really exciting news for you—a breakthrough in blood sugar science that no one saw coming.
Get ready to sigh with sweet relief!


The best way to manage type 2 diabetes is to adopt healthy lifestyle habits

Approximately 90% of the 29 million cases of diabetes in the United States alone are type 2, a metabolic disorder in which the body is still able to produce insulin, but unable to recognise and use it, according to the American Diabetes Association.
The best way to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes is to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, such as a healthy diet and regular exercise. Choosing 100% fruit juice can be a part of your diabetes diet. One glass of 100% fruit juice is equivalent to one serving – about half a cup – of fruit. It’s a simple way to add more produce to your diet!
Just make sure you check the label before you buy fruit juice – you want to opt for types with no added sugar. Unlike the real deal, fruit drinks with added sugar can have very little real fruit and have the opposite effect on your blood sugar levels.

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Does fruit juice really spike your blood sugar levels?
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