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Do you have a sweet-tooth? Here's why you need to gain control of those cravings

by , 27 January 2014

Do you proudly refer to yourself as a “sweet-tooth”? Well, listen up, you're possibly on your way to becoming a type II diabetic! Taking control of your cravings is the first step to take to live a healthy diabetic-free life.

Sugar is probably the worst thing you can eat. Whether you’re healthy or already a type II diabetic.
A sweet-tooth can be deadly; sugar affects every cell in your body. And once you’re diagnosed with diabetes, there’s little going back.
When this happens, your body start to reject sugar like it’s a poison. And you’ll spend the rest of your life controlling your diet and looking over your shoulder at the illnesses associated with type II diabetes asking yourself “When’s it going to get me?”
Do the right thing now and learn how to control your cravings!
If you have a sweet-tooth, you have other options to satisfy your cravings
It’s easy and convenient to nip into the garage and buy a box of biscuits, an ice cream or a chocolate. But convenience can kill you.
You’re overloading your system with sugar when you don’t need it. And besides the fact it’s going to sit on your tummy region for a few years, you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of illness. 
You have options!
Did you know that by eating an apple or a pear you’ll satisfy your sweet-tooth craving just as easily? They’re sweet fruit, but so low in calories you’ll be consuming 1/5 of what you would have had. (Standard size apple = 50 calories while a standard chocolate = around 250 calories)
Eat for your future to reduce your risk of developing type II diabetes
What you’re eating now will affect your health in the future!
You may feel young, fit and able to control your weight now, but what about in five or ten years? Will you look back at pictures of yourself and wonder what happened?
Control your cravings, eat healthy foods as a substitute for your cravings and stay on track to living healthy and happy long into the future. 

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Do you have a sweet-tooth? Here's why you need to gain control of those cravings
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