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Discover how to keep your overall health in check despite living with type II diabetes

by , 22 April 2014

Type II diabetes doesn't have to be the end of your health. Simple changes to your lifestyle can prevent your condition from destroying other aspects of your health. Use these seven tips to change your lifestyle so you don't suffer as a result of your diabetes.

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Important changes in your lifestyle help you control your type II diabetes
1.     Choose healthy foods: You can fuel your body and ease cravings with healthy food! Eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables to prevent your system from failing because of bad food choices when living with type II diabetes.
2.     Eat every three hours: Lower your risk of a blood sugar dip by eating every three hours. Eat small, healthy portions of food to keep your blood sugar levels stable.
3.     Add frequent exercise to your routine: Another way to control your blood sugar is through exercise. Do at least 30 minutes of exercise to your daily routine.
4.     Monitor your blood sugar: Check your blood sugar with a monitor mornings and evenings. Record the data in a logbook. This will help you notice a change in your blood sugar levels and these findings can be useful to your doctor too.
5.     Don’t forget your medication: It’s important to take your medication at the same time every day. Keep your medication on you so you can take it whenever necessary whether travelling or at home.
6.     Prevent injury: Sores that go untreated often get worse and there’s a high risk of amputation in people with type II diabetes especially in the feet. Always wear shoes and keep obstacles around your home clear.
7.     Inform other people about your condition: Wear a medic alert bracelet to identify your condition. Also inform your family and friends that you have type II diabetes!
It really is possible for you to lead a healthy life despite having type II diabetes. Use these seven tips to cope with your condition.
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Discover how to keep your overall health in check despite living with type II diabetes
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