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Did you know: Eight every day habits are leading you down the road to type 2 diabetes

by , 09 October 2014

Surely if someone told you the habits you have are increasing your risk of type 2 diabetes you'd consider changing them or giving them up altogether.

But what if you didn't know that you were doing was leaving you with a soaring diabetes risk?

You wouldn't know you had to make changes to protect yourself.

And that's why today, we're revealing eight every day habits you wouldn't normally associate with type 2 diabetes that are putting you at risk…

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Change these eight common – but unsuspected – factors to prevent type 2 diabetes

#1. Using sweetener for your tea and coffee.
#2. Drinking too little water.
#3. Eating too much chocolate at “that” time of the month.
#4. Not looking into the health implications of hormonal contraceptives.
#5. Sleeping too little.
#6. Spending too much time outdoors during the hottest times of the day.
#7. Watching too much TV.
#8. Being unhappy at work.
And there’s only one thing you can do to ensure these everyday aspects of your life don’t leave you suffering from diabetes in the future: Use the tips and tricks provided in every article to overcome your risk so you can live a healthier life. 

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Did you know: Eight every day habits are leading you down the road to type 2 diabetes
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