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Diagnosed with type II diabetes? Use these four travel tips to enjoy your holiday…

by , 17 May 2014

I sometimes compare having type II diabetes to having a little baby. You need to make sure you've always packed the essentials. You have to nurse your diabetes throughout the day. And, it requires a different degree of responsibility than someone without diabetes or a baby.

But, if you're organised, it makes life so much easier.

Here are four tips to help you get organised so you can enjoy your holiday…


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Use these four travel tips to control your symptoms of sugar diabetes while on holiday

There’s no reason for your type II diabetes to dampen your holiday mood. Use these tips to get organised and to help you enjoy your holiday:
  1. Plan what you need to take with you. Make sure you’ve thought of everything you use back home and write it down.
  2. Get duplicates or triplicates of everything. Make sure you have at least two sets of everything you need. If you lose one, you won’t be stuck without the essentials for controlling your diabetes.  
  3. Pack your medication in your hand luggage. Don’t pack your medication in the baggage you’re going to check-in. If you’re going for a long holiday, pack two or three sets of your medication in your hand luggage and the rest in your check-in luggage. Copy the contents of this letter and tweak it for your personal circumstances, then ask your doctor to sign it. This way, you’ll have less risk of being stopped at the airport.
  4. Wear identification: Always wear your diabetes bracelet so if you happen to be in an accident, paramedics can quickly see you’re diabetic and treat you appropriately.
There you have four tips that could ensure your holiday’s packed full of fun and worry-free.

Here’s what else you could consider for your holiday…

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Treating your diabetes could be a breeze if you think ahead

You may be on holiday, but remember, your little baby is always with you. Don’t go overboard. Eat and drink responsibly and take your medication as your doctor prescribed. And, seeing you have lots of free time on your hands, try out this short-burst exercise routine. A recent study showed it can help stabilise your blood sugar levels over a 24 hour period. The best is, anyone can do it!   

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Diagnosed with type II diabetes? Use these four travel tips to enjoy your holiday…
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