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Diabetics, don’t risk death by skipping insulin to lose weight!

by , 23 January 2013

There’s a disturbing new trend among young Type One diabetic women. They’re skipping their insulin shots in an attempt to lose weight as they develop a form of the image disorder bulimia. The trend is becoming so popular it even has a name: diabulimia. Here’s why you shouldn’t even think of joining in!

Iafrica reports that young Type One diabetic women are so terrified of gaining weight that they're risking their lives by skipping their insulin shots. 
That’s because picking up weight is a side effect of taking insulin.
The Iafrica article adds that problem is so widespread, there are organisations known as Diabetics with Eating Disorders and the Diabulimia Helpline.
There’s a simple way to avoid picking up weight by reducing the amount of insulin you need – and it’s got nothing to do with diabulimia!
If you’re a Type One diabetic worried about weight gain, there are alternatives to insulin. 
Typically promoted as a cure for Type Two diabetics, proper use of cinnamon can reduce the amount of insulin you have to use, reducing your risk of weight gain.
But don’t even think of trying this before consulting the Library of Food and Vitamin Treatments that comes free with every subscription to Nutrition & Healing. It’ll show you how much is safe to use, how to work it safely into your current programme, and how to remove the trace toxins found in natural cinnamon. Click here to join the natural health revolution! 

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Diabetics, don’t risk death by skipping insulin to lose weight!
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