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Diabetic? Here are three safe ways to satisfy your sweet tooth

by , 30 April 2014

If you have type II diabetes, you may think you can't eat fruit because of the high sugar content. But you can, in fact, eat a whole range of different types of fruit without them causing a spike in your blood sugar. It's better for you to eat fruit rather than other sugary items. Here are three of the best fruits to eat when you suffer from type II diabetes.

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Keep your blood sugar under control by sticking to these three types of fruit

1. Kiwi’s are a delicious fruit that helps you control your blood sugar. Because of the high fibre content in kiwis, your digestion slows down so there’s a constant release of sugar from the fruit. This prevents a sudden spike in your blood sugar despite the sweetness of the fruit. 
Along with the fibre, the kiwi also has a low glycaemic index. This means there’s a slow breakdown of the sugars. So enjoy kiwi fruit in your daily diabetic meal plan.
2. Guavas: Not only is guava high in fibre and great for controlling your blood sugar levels when you suffer from type II diabetes, it helps relieve constipation – a symptom diabetics often suffer from, says Diabetes.co.uk. You’ll also get a large chunk of your daily recommended dose of vitamin C and A from guavas. They’re also low in carbs, of which only 8g of that is sugar. That’s why Livestrong.com encourages you to eat guavas as part of your diabetic diet foods!
3. Cherries: They have a very low glycaemic index, so you don’t have to worry about your blood sugar spiking when eating these deliciously sweet fruit. Healthmeup.com says cherries are a great snack to eat at any time of the day if you have type II diabetes
There you have it! Three great, tasty fruits to eat as part of your diabetic meal plan.

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Diabetic? Here are three safe ways to satisfy your sweet tooth
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