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Diabetic? Here's why you MUST watch your alcohol intake!

by , 21 January 2014

If you're diabetic, it's better for you to avoid alcohol all together, but if you must have a drink, drink only in strict moderation. Alcohol becomes sugar in your body, and you're likely to see your blood sugar soar. But that's not the only problem you're facing when you drink alcohol… The calories in your drink could prevent you from losing weight and achieving your goals of decreasing your health related diabetes risks. So let's have a look at what alcohol is doing to your system when you're a diabetic.

The way your body processes alcohol is it simply turns it into sugar… And what’s the worst thing you can do to your body as a diabetic? 
That’s right; pump it full of sugar.
Drinking alcohol sends your blood sugar soaring into the roof
As mentioned above, you’re simply pumping sugar into your blood when you drink alcohol. 
But then it plummets, and it could leave you with severely low blood sugar levels. 
So your first step of defence against causing your blood sugar to skyrocket? You need to control how much you drink of course.
Look, you don’t have to give up alcohol completely when you’ve got diabetes. But you have to make sure you control how much you’re drinking. 
You can literally only have one unit of alcohol in a day if you’re going to keep managing your blood sugar levels. 
The rules to follow when you’re drinking alcohol as a diabetic
· Always drink your alcohol slowly
· Drink alcohol with your healthy meal
· Avoid mixing your alcohol with sugary mixers or soft drinks
· Always wear your medic alert bracelet in case of emergency
· Stick to drinking one unit of alcohol per day
One unit of alcohol is equivalent to:
· ½ beer
· 1 shot of spirits (25ml)
· 1 small glass of wine (175ml)
You don’t have to completely avoid drinking alcohol when you have diabetes, but if you follow these simple rules every time you put a drink to your lips, you can control the potential rise in your blood sugar with a lot more ease. 

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Diabetic? Here's why you MUST watch your alcohol intake!
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