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Diabetes prevention 101: Three simple life changes that make all the difference

by , 17 October 2013

What do Tom Hanks, Halley Berry and Selma Hayek all have in common? Well, despite the fact that they're famous Hollywood celebs, they all have diabetes! But just because you admire them, doesn't mean you should follow suit...

Hanks, the latest to join this list of diabetic A-listers, stunned the world last week when he announced that his blood sugar problems had finally developed into full-blown diabetes.

And it’s something more than 5,082 people deal with every day. Because doctors around the world diagnose a new case of diabetes every 17 seconds!

Don’t become one of them. Make these lifestyle changes and you could stop your body’s slippery slide…

Three simple lifestyle changes that can “save millions from diabetes

According to a Diabetes UK report published yesterday, “millions of people at risk of developing diabetes could avoid the disease with simple lifestyle changes,” writes Express.

What are these changes?

Well, according to the association, diabetes prevention starts with exercise, losing weight and eating more fruits and vegetables.

But how do these lifestyle changes reduce diabetes?

It’s simple really.

Let’s have a look at weight loss first.

When you carry excess weight, you put strain on your body. This forces your pancreas to produce more insulin to keep blood sugars normal, explains fitday.com. By losing as little as 5kgs, you can significantly reduce the stress placed on your pancreas.

Then there’s fruits and vegetables. According to diabetes.org, people who eat more green leafy vegetables reduce their chances of getting diabetes by 14%. In addition, “eating at least three servings a week of whole fruits was associated with a 2% reduced risk of type 2 diabetes,” says a Harvard School of Public Health study.

And finally, you need to get active. This because, as Health24 explains, “Exercise increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin and enhances the more efficient use of blood glucose, thereby lowering it.”

So there you have it! Don’t follow in Hanks’ footsteps – unless you want to be a great actor of course.

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Diabetes prevention 101: Three simple life changes that make all the difference
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