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Diabetes is ruining your smile...

by , 27 August 2015

Your smile is one of your best assets, so, of course, you want to keep it sparkling! But even if you brush, use white strips and visit your dentist twice a year, it may not be enough if you're diabetic…

How being diabetic can put a serious hamper on your smile

Diabetes reduces your body’s resistance to infection. Therefore, you’re at an increased risk of gum disease. This disorder is directly related to periodontal disease, so seeing the dentist and having your triglycerides and cholesterol levels checked on a regular basis is crucial!
So what can you do to prevent bad gums and teeth?

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What diabetes can do to promote better dental health

  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Monitor blood sugar regularly
  • Reduce insulin intake

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Diabetes is ruining your smile...
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