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Diabetes drugs have been linked to life-threatening pancreas swelling

by , 17 April 2013

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University recently discovered that sitaglipton and exenatide, the active ingredients in a new class of diabetes drugs, could DOUBLE your chance of developing a painful and life-threatening condition - pancreatitis.

In the study, researchers compared nearly 1,300 patients taking these drugs with the same number of patients who were using other diabetes treatments. What they found was frightening.  
The diabetic patients on these drugs had twice the risk of developing pancreatitis - a debilitating swelling of the pancreas that can cause life-threatening complications if not treated.
The symptoms of pancreatitis include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, fever and low blood pressure. And, over time, it can even lead to pancreatic cancer.
How could such potentially dangerous drugs have been brought to market and prescribed to millions of people?

One of the study’s authors explained that prior to the FDA’s approval of the drugs, “important safety findings may not have been fully explored.” But, when the drugs were tested on animals prior to approval, some of their pancreases swelled up!

So what actually happened?
The truth is you and I will probably never find out the truth. The important lesson here is don’t count on the FDA or the pharma industry to watch out for your best interests. You must look out for yourself. If you’re taking these drugs, make an appointment to see your doctor and talk about the risks. And, if you’ve been taking these drugs and are suffering from abdominal discomfort, seek medical attention right away.
In the meantime, there are some safe and natural methods for lowering your blood sugar. Like these:
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Diabetes drugs have been linked to life-threatening pancreas swelling
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