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Diabetes doesn't have to ruin your health! Make sure you get enough of this special mineral for protection

by , 07 November 2014

When you're living with type 2 diabetes, there's a constant battle to keep your health in check.

You're literally a ticking time bomb if you don't! But it's not always easy.

Because of your disease, your health takes a dive and it's a fight to keep bringing it back to an acceptable state.

One of the reasons is the effect your diabetes has on an essential mineral in your body.

We're talking about zinc!

When you blood sugar increases, your body excretes zinc through your kidneys. And this happens whether you have enough to keep normal functions taking place or not.

That's why, if you're already deficient - like many people are - your body takes a real knock.

Keep reading to find out why zinc's so important to a diabetic's health and how you can keep your levels stable.

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Zinc helps keep your blood sugar under control

ScienceDaily.com refers to zinc as the security guard in your body when your blood sugar levels get too high.
Normally, when your blood sugar levels spike, your body releases insulin to bring it back to normal. But as a diabetic, your insulin doesn’t work as well as it should and you have less insulin-producing cells. And one of the reasons for this is because of a protein called amylin, which stops your body making insulin-producing cells.
You see, it’s zinc that keeps the protein amylin under control. So if there’s not enough zinc in your body to reign it in, this protein wrecks havoc!
So, as a diabetic, being deficient is a huge disaster. And because your blood sugar levels soar, it perpetuates the problem.
This because having high blood sugar levels also causes zinc deficiency. So the worse your zinc situation and the less control you have over your blood sugar, the lower your zinc levels get.
This means, over time, you have less and less control over your blood sugar and, even if you put extra effort into controlling it, your constantly high blood sugar will ruin your health.
So how can you stop this from happening?
You eat enough zinc-rich foods of course!
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Eat these ten zinc-rich foods to stop diabetes from ruining your health
1.    Oysters
2.    Sweet potato
3.    Pumpkin seeds
4.    Garlic
5.    Chickpeas
6.    Dark chocolate
7.    Spinach
8.    Peanuts
9.    Eggs
10. Mushrooms
Adding these foods you your diet every day is a great way to boost your zinc levels. But because you’re likely deficient already, you’d need to eat a lot of them.
For this reason, it’s best to speak to your doctor about taking a good quality zinc supplement every day too!
But be sure to ask him about it before you simply start taking one because too much zinc can be toxic.

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Diabetes doesn't have to ruin your health! Make sure you get enough of this special mineral for protection
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