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Diabetes complications - what you need to know...

by , 25 January 2020
Diabetes complications - what you need to know...
At first glance, diabetes appears to be such a simple disease - too much sugar in the blood. But that simple error develops into an avalanche of problems in the body that create havoc with the health of diabetics... especially if they have poor regulation of their blood glucose.

What it really means to have diabetes...

Nobody wants to hear that the illness they've been diagnosed with can become their biggest nightmare - especially in this day and age with all the medical advancements we keep reading about in the news.

But it would be irresponsible to ignore the facts. Diabetes is such an insidious disease that it is the leading cause of blindness, kidney disease, amputations, and heart disease.

It's not all bad news - if properly regulated, diabetes can become a minor limitation in your life. 

But as they say better warned than not...

Diseases that affect diabetics start and develop from poor blood glucose control. You can minimise your risk for the following conditions if you manage your blood sugar levels: 

♥ Circulatory system, including heart disease, stroke, poor circulation to the feet and hands. 80% of Type II diabetics die from heart disease.

♥ Shriveling of the tiny blood vessels leading to problems in the eyes, a.k.a. retinopathy. 15 years after diagnosis, 90% of Type I and 80% of Type II diabetics show some damage to the retina of the eyes.

♥ Kidney complications, or nephropathy. The vast majority of patients on renal dialysis are diabetics.

♥ Nerve damage, or neuropathy, leading to tingling, painful, "pins & needles" sensations in the hands and feet.

♥ Nerve damage to the bladder, intestines, sexual organs, etc. and the consequences of losing the contributions from those organs or regions of the body.

♥ Ulcers of the leg and foot, which are combined problems of nerves and blood vessels.

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Many diabetics will ignore doctor and nutritionist recommendations because these lifestyle changes seem inconvenient.

While high blood sugar may not hurt in the beginning, it initiates an avalanche of biological problems that may not be stopped by any drug or

Take control of your health today - check your blood sugar levels - if they're high, take action now.

If you're already diabetic, do everything you can to slow the progression - and possibly even reverse the condition - before it triggers complications. 

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Diabetes complications - what you need to know...
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