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Dementia and diabetes: what's the link?

by , 06 January 2014

As if diabetics didn't have enough to deal with! With all the worry of heart disease and organ failure, you now have to worry about your brain failing you! It's such a real problem that dementia is being commonly referred to as Type 3 diabetes. But your life isn't over just yet! Take control of your diabetes and you'll be able to reduce your risks of dementia too.

You know your health is in a poor state when you have diabetes. But you’re probably working hard to change it. With all the worry of secondary diseases that comes along with having diabetes, it’s understandable if you feel demotivated. 
But there’s even more reason to get your life under control! By controlling your diabetes, you’re able to significantly reduce the risk of all the other ailments, including dementia
Insulin: The diabetes culprit responsible for the onset of dementia in diabetics
Recent studies have shown that it is possibly insulin that brings about the onset of dementia in diabetics. 
When you have a poor diet as a diabetic and you’re not watching your sugar intake, your body goes into shock. 
Because your body isn’t able to process sugar anymore using insulin, the hormone stays in the blood. 
Insulin then gets into the brain and certain chemicals have to process it. Because the chemicals are used for insulin, there aren’t enough left for the protein, and plaques form. These plaques then damage the brain and lead to dementia. 
Controlling your diet helps you to decrease your risk of dementia.
Significantly changing your diet will help you to gain control of your diabetes. Make sure that your controlling your sugar intake and eating foods that rather lower your blood sugar. 
The following also need to be taken into account:
· Get enough sleep
Studies show a link between interrupted sleep and an increased risk of dementia.
That's because sleep is a natural part of your body's self-healing power. So make sure you get those eight to nine hours your doctor says you need.
· Exercise
Scientists believe exercise could be the single biggest factor in preventing dementia later in life. After all, being physically active helps ensure your body constantly supplies your brain with oxygen-rich blood.
· Limit your alcohol intake
Alcohol can affect memory function, learning, reasoning, intelligence and emotions. The key is to drink alcohol in moderation. 
There you have it. Some smart ways to take control of your diabetes and prevent dementia too!

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Dementia and diabetes: what's the link?
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