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Could undiagnosed diabetes be the real reason you have Erectile Dysfunction?

by , 06 August 2015

If you thought suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) was bad, try slapping a diabetes diagnosis on top of it!

That's right. You might be trying to deal with ED by popping a little blue pill every day, but have you ever thought about what's going on inside your body? I mean, really thought about it?

Well, it's time you did.

The latest breakthrough research from July 2015 reveals 1 in 5 men with ED actually have undiagnosed diabetes. And how simply going for proper diabetes screening could be the reason you say goodbye to your bedroom problems forever.

Here’s why diabetes is the real reason you have ED…

Too much sugar roaming around in your blood can cause far more damage than you can even imagine.
And as a diabetic (whether you know it or not) your body can’t get the sugar into your cells where it belongs. So it continues flowing around your body, causing as much damage as if you were to allow acid to get into your veins.
Then, every time you have an erection, more sugar destroys the vessels in your penis, until they suffer so much inflammation they’re unable to work as they should. That’s why you can’t get or maintain an erection anymore.
So, it’s this rollercoaster ride that your blood sugar is on that has left you with erectile dysfunction in the first place.

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That’s why the July 2015 study says it’s essential you have a blood sugar test asap

You see, during this recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, researchers at the University of British Columbia examined blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar test results of 5,928 participants.
They then divided the group of men into those with or without ED and compared their test results for the three influencing factors.
And while they expected to see significant results, they were shocked at what they actually found.
1 in 5 men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction had no idea their blood sugar levels were so high and that they were actually diabetic!
And that’s why you need to check it as soon as you can.
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This simple test can be the reason you no longer suffer from erectile dysfunction

You need to book a blood test with your doctor right away if you suffer from ED.
Just a small measure of your blood can tell if you’re suffering from undiagnosed diabetes.
Luckily, with the diagnosis of diabetes and proper care and treatment to stop your blood sugar from damaging your health any further you can take the necessary steps to repair the damage, AND once again have a great sex life despite your disease.
So book that blood test for diabetes right away so ED (and undiagnosed diabetes )doesn’t continue to ruin your life.

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Could undiagnosed diabetes be the real reason you have Erectile Dysfunction?
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