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Controlling your diabetes means you have to watch every mouthful - and that includes what you drink!

by , 28 March 2014

You might be great at controlling what you eat because of your type II diabetes, but have you thought about the how the things you drink influence your condition? Here are six types of drinks that could be negatively affecting your disease…

Understanding diabetes means you need to understand more about your diet: Here are six drink to avoid if you suffer from the disease
1.     Fizzy drinks: Everydayhealth.com says one standard 340ml drink equals the same amount of calories as three slices of bread. And it contains a minimum of ten teaspoons of sugar. If you have type II diabetes, you know how bad sugar is for you, so you need to cut these sugary drinks out of your diet.
2.     Energy drinks: These drinks are full of salt and sugar. So unless you exercise vigorously for over an hour, your body doesn’t need these nutrients!
3.     Fruit juice: Regular fruit juice typically contains lots of added sugar. Stick to freshly squeezed types or make your own at home.

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4.     Flavoured coffees: In one large cup of flavoured coffee with cream, you’ll consume the same amount of calories you’d have in one meal! And the sugar content is just devastating on your health. Avoid these if you suffer from type II diabetes. Drink black coffee instead if you’re looking for a caffeine boost.
5.     Milk: Full cream milk is more nutritious, but it’s not good for you if you have diabetes. The carbs convert to sugar and wreaks havoc on your health. Stick to minimal amounts of low-fat or skim milk.
6.     Alcohol: It’s not just the calories in alcohol should worry about, you need to worry about the sugar too. Don’t drink alcohol mixed with fizzy drinks, or premade alcohol pops. Stick to dry wine or spirits mixed with water or soda water.
Don’t let drinking the wrong types of drinks wreck your otherwise strict diabetic diet plan! Avoid these six drinks is you suffer from type II diabetes. 

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Controlling your diabetes means you have to watch every mouthful - and that includes what you drink!
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