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Can your smartphone really help you control your diabetes?

by , 07 February 2014

"It's never been easier to manage diabetes with all the technological stuff we have at our fingertips," said Steve Lisowski, who lives in Chicago. He's had type II diabetes for 15 years and uses an app to manage his. But can the latest development of diabetes tracking apps encourage people to manage their diabetes properly?

The aim of these apps is to help diabetic’s process some difficult information. Things like the nutrients in food, their blood sugar data and dosages and times of medication.
But can this really help diabetics?
Some say it can…
In fact test subjects who used a diabetic app saw a 2% decrease in blood glucose levels according to the MayoClinic website.
The reason? 
Since diabetics have to constantly think about their diet and lifestyle, an app may simplify things a little.
So just by putting the nutritional data of the food you want to eat into your phone, it’s able to help you make decisions right there about what you’re about to eat. 
The three best apps you can use to manage your diabetes
The Diabetes Center of Excellence recently asked their readers to rate the top diabetes apps. The ones that came out tops are the MyNet Diary: Diabetes tracker, My Glucose Buddy and Glooko Logbook.
You can add comprehensive info like your blood sugar levels, medication requirements, food info and general activities on all three of these apps.
But be warned, "Apps [shouldn’t] replace your doctor," says Shelley Wishnick, a diabetes educator and registered dietician with the Friedman Diabetes Institute at Beth Israel Medical Center, in New York City
If you’re using an app on your smartphone, visit your doctor regularly and share the information with him. It could help identify trends in your blood sugar or your lifestyle that you can change to improve your quality of life. 

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Can your smartphone really help you control your diabetes?
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