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Can you reverse diabetic retinopathy?

by , 16 April 2015

Retinopathy means “sick retina” and it's one of the most terrifying complications you need to prevent when you suffer from diabetes.

But what exactly is diabetic retinopathy and can you reverse it if you have it?

Read on to discover the answer.


What is diabetic retinopathy?

Diabetic retinopathy is retina damage that occurs from the continued exposure to high blood sugar.
When this happened, the tiny blood vessels in your retina start to grow in an out of control manner. Unlike healthy blood vessels, the affected ones suffer from weak walls. Eventually, they can’t keep up with demand anymore and they burst. This releases blood directly into eye. This leakage can cause the macula to thicken.
That’s the first problem. And it’s the one that causes partial visual loss and other impairments (like blurry vision).
The second occurs when you don’t seek treatment for your symptoms soon enough. In this case, weak blood vessels overgrow and starve your eyes of the oxygen they need to function. This, in turn, destroys your retina’s ability to transmit images to your brain. 
The result? Permanent blindness.
Or at least that’s what we’ve believed all these years. 
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Good news: You can reverse diabetic retinopathy 

When it comes to treatment options, most diabetics suffering from this vision problem are told to get laser surgery. And most of them experience little success to no. 
Now, studies are showing there are natural ways to reverse your problem. 
Here are just a few of them.
Grape seed extract: Containing procyanidins, which strengthens retinal capillaries and prevents clots or bleeding, grape seed extract is essential for keeping your eyes healthy if you have diabetes. French trial studies revealed that 60% of diabetics who took 150 mg per day of grape seed extract had no progression of retinopathy compared to 47% of those taking a placebo. 
Ginkgo Biloba: This herb increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your eye and to clear toxins. This ensures there’s more blood nourishing your retina and this slows down the retinal deterioration caused by diabetes. 
Bilberry: According to diabetes.co.uk, bilberries contain a compound, anthocyanosides, that promotes promote blood vessel strength. And this protects your retina from damage caused by diabetes.
So there you have it. Just because diabetes puts your eyesight at risk, doesn’t mean you have to lose it. Use these three tips and you too could reverse diabetic retinopathy before you’re forced to suffer in the dark. 

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