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Breaking news: This root guarantees complete diabetes protection

by , 24 October 2014

Adding a special flavouring to your food can completely protect you from diabetes, reveals a new study posted in the journal Diabetes Care.

240 patients on the brink of developing full-blown type 2 diabetes took part in this study and researchers divided them up into two groups.

For nine months, half the participants ate foods with a yellow tinge, while the others ate the same foods without the added flavour.

Researchers took information from each participant after three, six and nine months and took note of all the type 2 diabetes markers.

After nine months, not one of the participants who ate the yellow food had developed diabetes, but almost 17% of those in the other group did!

Researchers concluded that eating the yellow food was a way to 100% guarantee you won't get diabetes as a pre-diabetic.

So what were they eating?

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Turmeric root extract can save you from diabetes

Thailand researchers gave their participants turmeric root extract during the study. This yellow root extract – curcumin – is extremely beneficial to your health if you’re pre-diabetic!
Researchers found that participants who ate foods containing 250mg curcumin had better function of their pancreatic cells. This means their bodies continued to secrete insulin to deal with rising blood sugar and, thus, prevented diabetes.
In an earlier study, this time using lab mice cells, researchers found similar results.
They took some of the mice’s pancreatic cells out and exposed them to curcumin for 24 hours. After that, they put various stressors on the cells and found that those that had been in the curcumin were more resilient and performed better despite the stressors.
They also showed less free radical production and inflammatory signs than cells without curcumin.
And because diabetes is a strong inflammatory condition where stress on your body – usually from excess sugar – causes damage to your pancreatic cells, its great news to find something natural that protects them.
What’s even better is that curcumin is easy to get hold of! It’s common in Asian dishes and is the spice commonly known as curry powder.
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Get more curcumin through your diet with these seven tips

#1. Colour your rice
Eat more yellow rice by adding turmeric powder to it. Approximately 3% to 4% of turmeric is curcumin.
#2. Add it to eggs
Increase the flavour of your eggs with this oriental spice.
#3. Stir-fry lentils in turmeric
After sprouting your own lentils, increase their health benefits by stir-frying them in a mixture of coconut oil and turmeric.
#4. Roasted turmeric chickpeas
Soak fresh chickpeas in water overnight before you cover them in turmeric, olive oil and black pepper and roast them in the oven for 20 minutes.
#5. Try turmeric iced tea
Slice fresh turmeric root into boiling water. Let it seep for 15 minutes, strain and add lemon juice and honey. Allow to cool and pour over ice.
#6. Make a smoothie
Natural News says blending a banana, some ginger powder, honey, lemon and turmeric paste with almond or soymilk makes a tasty, nutrient-packed smoothie.
#7. Turmeric milk
Make a paste you can store for weeks and add a small spoon to milk when desired. Simply melt coconut oil or ghee over a hot stove and add black pepper to make the paste.
It’s that easy to ensure turmeric and its curcumin extract is part of your diabetes fighting diet.
It’s never too late to change your diabetes fate! So start using curcumin in your cooking today!

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Breaking news: This root guarantees complete diabetes protection
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