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Breaking News: Chocolate may prevent type II diabetes

by , 31 January 2014

Wait! Before you jump for joy and grab that extra-large slab of chocolate and start munching away while you happily read this, hear us out first! Yes, it is a great piece of news, but the research is still in its early stages. Here's what they had to say about how chocolate could hold the key to preventing type II diabetes.

Reducing your risk of developing type II diabetes comes in many forms. But we’re sure the words ‘chocolate’ and ‘prevention’ don’t feature in the same sentence…
New research done in the UK with the results published on the 19th of January in the Journal of Nutrition, said that an ingredient in chocolate could provide protection for people, preventing the development of diabetes
Four foods discovered to hold the key to type II diabetes prevention
This study was one of the largest scale of its kind and focused on foods that could help prevent type II diabetes
The compound they have in common? Flavones. And researchers believe flavones’ ability to prevent inflammation could prove to be the secret to preventing type II diabetes. 
Research continues to determine how much of these foods you need to prevent type II diabetes
While the flavones vitamin compound proves to reduce insulin resistance and improve glucose regulation, researchers don’t know how much of it you need to protect you.
And in this case it’s definitely not about getting as much as you can for prevention.
Research on the topic continues, so more information will become available in future.
In the meantime, stick to eating foods you know are healthy and that contain the flavone compound. 
These foods include parsley, thyme, celery, berries, red grapes, wine and other red or blue-coloured fruits and vegetables.

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Breaking News: Chocolate may prevent type II diabetes
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