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Being skinny doesn't mean you won't get diabetes!

by , 31 March 2016

- Diabetes is not just a “fat people's” disease…
- Your physical fitness and strength has more influence than your weight on whether you get diabetes
- Here's how to boost your fitness without breaking a sweat and reduce your risk of getting diabetes…

If you thought only fat people get diabetes, you're wrong.

Skinny people have just as high a risk of developing this devastating disease.

And it all has to do with how fit and strong you are.

Let me explain…

Is this stealth disease robbing you of your energy and lust for life?

There’s a disease sweeping the nation.

And it’s leaving you exhausted, overweight and irritable.

But there is a solution! Find out what it is, here…


Your physical fitness and strength has more influence than your weight

One of the main influencing factors on your diabetes risk with improved physical fitness and muscles strength is what happens to your blood flow.
The fitter you are, the more efficiently your heart works to pump blood around your body. And the more muscle mass and strength you have, the more blood your muscles need.
Now, the importance of this is that this optimal blood flow and increased use of blood also means there’s an increase in nutrient exchange from your blood to your organs and muscles.
Your cells remove more glucose from your blood and use it more efficiently. This constant exchange of nutrients from your blood and cells also keep your insulin sensitivity levels functioning.
And it’s this that lowers your risk of diabetes.
The blood sugar secret No one's talking about!
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I'm sure you've noticed just how hard it is to keep your blood sugar from yo-yoing out of control - even if you're doing everything right.
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Here’s how to boost your strength and fitness without breaking a sweat

An easy way to get your muscles working and improve your fitness levels is by walking.
But don’t think a leisurely stroll around the garden once a week is going to cut it. You need to walk at a pace quick enough to increase your breathing and heart rate. And try walking in an area with different gradients to really give your muscles an extra challenge.
Walking 30 minutes a day, five times a week is a great way to improve your physical fitness and muscle strength.
Join a walking club or rope your friends and family in! What better way to bond than to go about beating diabetes together.
For more about diabetes and the everyday factors putting you and your family at risk, read this month’s issue of Dr Golding’s Natural Health Dossier, here…
To your good health,
Dr Craige Golding
Integrative Medical Specialist, Dr Golding’s Natural Health Dossier
PS. Walk your way to a diabetes-free life…
This easy to perfect interval walking technique is key to physical fitness and improved muscle strength!
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Being skinny doesn't mean you won't get diabetes!
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