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Beat type II diabetes related stress with exercise!

by , 08 May 2014

Living with type II diabetes can make you tired and only motivated to sit on the couch all day. But the stress of the disease can also have an effect on your emotional wellbeing! And the best way to cope with all of these feeling combined is to exercise. Here's what you should do…

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Short bursts of exercise do wonders for your health when you have type II diabetes 

You don’t have to train to do a marathon or lift weights that’ll cause the veins on your biceps to pop! No, all you need to do to beat diabetes stress is get up and moving about.
WebMD says it’s important to find something you like doing as a form of exercise so you stick to it. Be it dancing, gardening or walking, just do it and keep doing it!
You don’t even need to exercise for hours at a time. Short bursts of exercise are just as useful at keeping your blood sugar and health under control.
Experts say you need to exercise for 30 minutes, five days a week. But they also say it’s ok to break the 30 minutes up into ten minute increments every day. This means a short walk, three times a day is a perfect way to improve your health if you have type II diabetes.
If you can tolerate lifting weights, however, it’s a good idea to do strength training too…

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Lifting weights builds muscle and helps regulate your blood sugar 

If you maintain your muscle mass despite your type II diabetes, or you’re even able to build muscle mass it means you have less fat. This is excellent, as it’s the fat in your system that plays a role in your insulin resistance.
Speak to your doctor about starting a physical exercise routine to maintain your health and keep your blood sugar at the levels it should be.

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Beat type II diabetes related stress with exercise!
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