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Avoid refined carbs that mess with your blood sugar

by , 13 May 2014

Like with fats, there are good carbs and bad carbs. Bad carbs are the ones that contain simple forms of carbohydrates. This means your body processes them quickly, leaving you with a rapid spike in your blood sugar. And because you have type II diabetes, your body can't deal with this much sugar all at once.

The good types of carbs are the ones that take a long time to digest. They contain complex carbohydrates and the sugar release from them is a slow process.

By eating the right types of carbs, you can keep your health in check and your blood sugar under control.

Here's how…

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Eat the right types of carbs to keep your blood sugar levels stable 

The carb content of fruit and vegetables makes your body work for the sugars they contain. Foods like spinach, barley, brown rice and most fruit contain complex carbs, says WebMD.
What’s also great about these natural foods is they contain natural fibre too. This helps to slow down your digestion and there’s an even slower release of sugar into the blood.
This all has to do with the glycaemic index of the food and how quickly it causes your blood sugar to spike… So paying attention to the types of carbs you eat and their GI is very important when you have type II diabetes.
But how do you choose the right carbs?

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Include lots of fruit and vegetables into your type II diabetes diet 

Green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit and whole grains are an essential part of your type II diabetes diet.
Avoid adding extra sugar to your food and eat starchy vegetables in moderation.
This way you’ll keep your blood sugar stable and prevent the development of other dreadful diseases associated with type II diabetes.

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Avoid refined carbs that mess with your blood sugar
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