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Are you a future diabetic and don't even know it?

by , 14 November 2014

It's not just type 2 diabetes you need to worry about anymore, reveal experts.

Prediabetes should petrify you too!

“What's prediabetes?” you ask.

Well, it's the precursor of diabetes and 30% of people develop type 2 diabetes within five years of developing prediabetes.

So why do you need to be so worried about this condition?

It's simple: You probably don't know you have it.

Don't let this be your future. Read on to find out how to sort out your health RIGHT NOW…

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The difference between prediabetes and diabetes explained

The main difference between prediabetes and diabetes is that one gives you an easy chance to “opt out”.
When you’re prediabetic, your body is still in a state where a few minor lifestyle and diet changes can easily improve your health. But once you have type 2 diabetes, there’s a long, hard road ahead.
Now, the main question is, are you listening to your body?

Your body is sending you a message that it’s about to go into sugar failure

As a prediabetic, you might not even realise what’s happening. You just feel a lot thirstier all the time and you crave more sugary foods.
It doesn’t feel too different from what your normally feel, does it?
That’s why people tend to ignore prediabetes until it’s too late.
But what’s happening inside your body is devastating.
You see, when you eat too many refined carbs and sugary foods, your body can’t cope.
At this stage, your pancreas still works fine, but it’s getting tired. It struggles to release the right amounts of insulin to keep your blood sugar under control. And your blood sugar remains higher than normal.
It’s at this point that if you change your habits, you can give your pancreas a chance to recover so it works just fine again.
But if you keep overworking it, it’s going to fail. And then you’ll have type 2 diabetes because your blood sugar will soar without any input from your pancreas to reduce it.
So, with today being World Diabetes Day, how about taking stock of your health and getting it back on track to prevent type 2 diabetes from ruining your future?
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Know your health status and start the New Year diabetes-free

The first step to changing your health is to do a quick assessment on your self.
Do any of these statements apply to you?
·         I’m overweight;
·         I don’t do any exercise;
·         My diet is full of sugar and refined carbs;
·         I don’t take care of my health;
·         I don’t know if my blood sugar is high; or
·         I have the symptoms – excessive thirst, frequent urination and sugar cravings – that might suggest I’m prediabetic.
If you replied “yes” to any of them, the next step is to see your doctor. Even if you just go to the clinic to have a blood sugar reading and they tell you it’s high before you check in with the doctor, it’s an essential step.
With this information in hand and with the help of your doctor, you can change the fate of your health.
So start 2015 with a clean bill of health by making the necessary changes to lower your type 2 diabetes risk.

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Are you a future diabetic and don't even know it?
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