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An orange: Your secret weapon against diabetes

by , 11 November 2014

When you think about diabetes, you automatically think about sugar.

So you'd never guess a sweet, juicy fruit could be something that could actually help prevent the disease.

But it could!

It's all because of the vitamin C the fruit contains. And oranges contain the perfect amount of vitamin C your body can use immediately. That makes it a great food for stabilising your blood sugar and helping you prevent type 2 diabetes.

Here's why vitamin C is such an important part of a healthy diet…

Vitamin C protects you from oxidative stress-related disease – like diabetes

One of the causes of diabetes is inflammation.
When your body is constantly under stress, it breaks down a steady rate of sugar so it’s available for your cells to use.
Only, your cells can’t use too much. So your pancreas keeps pumping out insulin to help get rid of the sugar in your blood.
And when there’s so much sugar, it damages your cells.
This causes inflammation and free radical production. These free radicals then damage other cells in the tissues that surround them.
That’s where vitamin C comes in.
Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that protects your cells against free radical damage. And this is why researchers believe it helps lower your diabetes risk too.
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Study shows lower diabetes risk in people with higher vitamin C levels

A 12 year long study of more than 21,000 participants proved the higher the levels of vitamin C they had in their blood, the lower their diabetes risk.
The researchers conducting the European Prospective Investigation of Cancer-Norfolk Prospective Study did two tests on the participants:
1.    What effect vitamin C supplementation had on diabetes risk; and
2.    How vitamin C-rich fruit and vegetables affected diabetes risk.
In both areas, they found participants with high vitamin C intake have a significantly lower diabetes risk than those taking less vitamin C and eating less fresh fruit and vegetables.
But it’s not only the inflammatory, antioxidant properties that make vitamin C great for your diabetes risk. It also keeps your blood sugar levels stable.

Maintain healthy blood sugar levels to keep diabetes at bay

Nutritionist Patrick Holford says, he’s come across a study where people taking a 1g vitamin C supplement had a massive 62% lower diabetes risk. He says another study, this time involving people with type 2 diabetes, had participants taking 2g vitamin C every day. They saw incredible changes in their blood sugar and overall stored sugar levels in their body.
The results of this study were even better than when patients took prescribed medicine to keep their blood sugar levels in check.
So what does that say to you?
That’s right!
Lowering your diabetes risk is easy!
Simply change your diet to include more of these vitamin C-rich foods…
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Eat these ten foods to lower your diabetes risk

1.    Berries: Strawberries, cherries and blueberries
2.    Cabbage family: Bok Choy, Brussel sprouts and cabbage
3.    Citrus fruit: Grapefruit, oranges and lemon
4.    Kiwifruit
5.    Melons
6.    Peas
7.    Bell peppers
8.    Pineapple
9.    Potatoes
10. Lettuce
Researchers don’t known whether it’s better to eat foods containing vitamin C or to take a supplement.
But we think eating vitamin C-rich foods it easier, more cost effective and tastier!
So add these foods to your diet to ensure you keep your blood sugar and inflammation under control to protect you from type 2 diabetes.

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An orange: Your secret weapon against diabetes
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