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Amazing news for diabetics: There's an exercise routine tailored just for you

by , 17 January 2014

If you're a diabetic, you're probably under the impression that you have to work out “finish and klaar”. But what if we told you there's actually an exercise routine that works best if you have diabetes? And what's even better, it's not about running, jumping or lifting heavy weights...

As a diabetic, you might feel depressed about the state of your health. It might leave you unable to do many of the things you used to do almost carefree.
Now you have people telling you that you need to exercise and go on a diet; and you have no choice!
But we’re here to put the little bit of silver lining on your dark cloud. 
Exercising as a diabetic doesn’t have to be about slogging it out on the treadmill and lifting heavy weights
You’re probably thinking “but how can this be?” when everyone else is telling you that you need to start exercising five days a week and literally become a fitness fanatic. 
And the other thing is, if you’d have wanted to do all that, you’d probably not be in this situation right now in the first place!
Well, your life’s about to look up!
Try these yoga poses as a workout! (It so good, it’s almost tailored to diabetics)
Yoga is a strengthening stretching workout, and while it’s going to be exactly that –  a workout – it’ll surely make you feel happier than having to slave away using the gym equipment. 
The ten best yoga poses for diabetics are:
#10: Corpse Pose
Yoga is known for helping digestion, increasing absorption of substances through the digestive tract and helping to eliminate wastes from the body.
All you have to do is try it! 
Just give yoga a go and see if it’s something you could stick to that will help you with your diabetes

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Amazing news for diabetics: There's an exercise routine tailored just for you
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