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A suprisingly sweet way to control diabetes

by , 27 September 2013

Control diabetes with chocolate? Yeah, right! But while it may sound counter-intuitive to treat diabetes with something sweet, that's exactly what a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition has revealed…

“Penn State researchers are reporting that a few cups of hot cocoa – or other forms of chocolate – may actually help obese people control diabetes and other inflammation-related diseases,” reports prevention.com.

This is the surprising conclusion conducted on mice.

Chocolate could lower your insulin levels by 27%!

Lead researcher, Joshua Lambert, told the media that after feeding mice the human equivalent of five cups of hot cocoa during a ten-week period, the mice’s diabetes indicators were much lower than mice that didn’t eat the cocoa. 

The study was so effective, in fact, the cocoa-eating mice had a 27% lower plasma insulin level than the other mice.

But it’s not the first study of its kind to show chocolate can help keep your diabetes under control…

According to sciencenews.org, another study suggests “consuming flavonoid-rich dark chocolate instead of flavonoid-free white chocolate could not only lower blood pressure and cholesterol, but also improve the body's processing of sugar.” Guarding you against diabetes in the process.

And the best part, says Men’s Health, is that because the study accumulated research from volunteers for between eight and 16 years, it proves the long-term benefits eating chocolate – especially dark chocolate – can have in the fight against diabetes.

Just another healthy feather in chocolate’s cap! After all, to date chocolate has been shown to lower your stroke risk, boost your brain health and much more…

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A suprisingly sweet way to control diabetes
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