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56g a week - that's all it takes to cut your diabetes risk by 24%

by , 13 November 2013

If you think all this talk about diabetes being a pandemic is utter rubbish think again. Studies reveal that the occurrence of this disease has risen more than 175% since the 80s. Luckily, you can prevent type II diabetes with this yummy little snack…

If you needed another reason to go ‘nut’s for nuts, listen up: A new study out of Harvard reveals that nuts could help cut your diabetes risk by a quarter.

But not just any nuts. It has to be the right nut. And, when it comes to diabetes, that means walnuts.

Study reveals: Walnuts are the latest food in your diabetes protection plan

According to bottomlinepublications.com, researchers at Harvard spent ten years looking at data on nearly 138,000 women to determine what foods and lifestyle changes really make a difference against diabetes.

Part of that study was to ask them – every four years – how often they ate more than 130 foods on the study’s list.

What did they discover?

Women who ate 56g of walnuts a week had a 24% lower risk for type II diabetes.

But how is that possible?

What’s the secret behind walnuts diabetes busting properties?

Lead author Dr David Katz, told that the International Business Times, that he and his team believes this is because walnuts help “improve endothelial function, particularly in participants who were overweight and had abdominal fat.”

And it’s not just diabetes walnuts are good for.

Since, walnuts are rich in healthy fatty acids, they can reduce inflammation in the body and protect it against heart disease, cancer and arthritis, adds the Daily Mail.

So if you’re looking for a great tasting, healthy snack you and your family will love, grab some bags of walnuts off the shelf. You won’t be sorry.

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56g a week - that's all it takes to cut your diabetes risk by 24%
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