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5 Natural treatments for nerve pain from diabetes...

by , 07 March 2019
5 Natural treatments for nerve pain from diabetes...
One of the most common complications of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes is neuropathy, of which the main symptom is nerve pain.

Taking painkillers comes with adverse side effects so while addressing the underlying cause - the diabetes itself - it's a good idea to find a natural long-term treatment for the pain.

Read on below for five proven treatments for nerve pain...

Five natural treatments for neuropathy...
#1: Primrose oil
In a double-blind, placebo-controlled research trial, diabetics with peripheral neuropathy took 4-6 grams of primrose oil daily. They experienced significant pain relief after 6-12 months.
#2: Alpha Lipoic Acid
Another study showed that alpha lipoic acid taken both intravenously and orally for three weeks in 600-milligram daily doses was significantly more effective than the placebo in relieving symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. 

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#3: Vitamin Bs
Scientific reports have also noted diabetic neuropathy relief from injections of biotin and vitamin B12 and oral vitamin B6.
#4: Capsaicin
Research also showed that a topical cream containing .075% capsaicin (an active ingredient from pepper) cut diabetic neuropathy pain in half for 50% of the patients using it. (One note of caution: Capsaicin can cause burning initially, but that usually subsides with persistent use.)
#5: Vitamin D
Lastly, a group of researchers recently reported that 100% of the type 2 diabetics with peripheral neuropathy they examined had low blood levels of vitamin D. After three months, the participants reported 40-50% less pain. The researchers concluded: “Vitamin D insufficiency is under-recognised and may be a significant contributor to neuropathic pain in type II diabetes. Take approximately 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily.

Speak to your doctor about using these natural treatments to treat the pain associated with neuropathy.  
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5 Natural treatments for nerve pain from diabetes...
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