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2 Nutrients that can help you manage your diabetes and your heart health!

by , 14 December 2019
2 Nutrients that can help you manage your diabetes and your heart health!
People with diabetes may have much lower chromium and biotin levels in their bodies than others.

And replenishing these nutrients may help you manage both your diabetes and heart health better.

Chromium and biotin are well-known nutrients for diabetes... 

11 Clinical studies have shown that chromium picolinate helps diabetics control blood sugar levels.

In one large placebo-controlled trial examining the role of chromium supplements in Type II diabetes, 60 diabetics were given placebo (inert ingredients), 60 others were given 200 mcg of chromium daily, and the third group of 60 diabetics were given 1000 mcg of chromium daily.

All patients continued their medication and medical monitoring of their condition. Chromium supplements helped regulate fasting glucose, reduce glycosylated hemoglobin, insulin values and total cholesterol - all in a dose-dependent fashion, meaning that 1000 mcg of chromium worked better than the 200 mcg dosage.

But chromium on its own is unlikely to do the trick. Biotin seems to be the key to activating the benefits chromium offers as well as others.

Biotin is involved in many enzyme reactions in the body, so it's no surprise that blood sugar is one of the fucntions it regulates.

Biotin supplements increase insulin sensitivity, while also increasing the activity of a liver enzyme (glucokinase) that helps the body metabolise glucose.

And it's not only type 2 diabetics that could benefit...

In a study of Type I diabetics, 16 mg per day of biotin significantly lowered fasting blood glucose levels and improved overall blood glucose control.

Type II diabetics received equally impressive results using 9 mg perday of biotin.

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Can you REVERSE type 2 diabetes?

In the 1960s, three hospitalised diabetic patients who were given this mineral intravenously for two weeks REVERSED their diabetes. 

They no longer experienced neuropathy, weight loss or insulin resistance. 

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Diabetics could lower their medication requirements by using chromium and biotin. Speak to your doctor about it.

You can buy these two nutrients as individual supplements or in a formula with other nutrients that could help you manage your diabetes, such as Complete Gluco-Control

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2 Nutrients that can help you manage your diabetes and your heart health!
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