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These four herbs can reverse dementia and memory loss

by , 03 October 2017
These four herbs can reverse dementia and memory loss
Are you petrified of the deleterious disease known as dementia? Well, you're not the only one...

Two of the most common causes of dementia are Alzheimer's disease and stroke. Fortunately, the natural world offers a multitude of resources to combat dementia, Alzheimer's disease and stroke altogether!

You can significantly reduce your risk of dementia as well as signs and symptoms of the disease through simple dietary changes, regular body cleansing and paying attention to the following four herbs...

Four herbs that help ease dementia

#1: Lemon balm
Right on top of the list is lemon balm, a herb that the sixteenth century Swiss physician, Paracelsus, sold to kings with the promise of inhibiting early senility. This herb is sill praised in modern-day laboratories for its potential to reduce signs and symptoms of dementia.
In one study, Professor Elaine Perry of the University of Newcastle found that lemon balm extract stimulated the enzyme and receptors responsible for helping the molecule acetylcholine transmit nerve signals.
#2: Sage
In the same University of Newcastle Study that reviewed lemon balm to boost cognitive function, Professor Perry and her team found that sage inhibited acetylcholinesterase in a similar way to the Alzheimer’s disease drug known as Aricept.


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#3: Gingko
It’s well-established that gingko supports oxygen and blood flow to the brain. In recent years, this herb has caught the eye of western researchers due to its ability to promote cognition.
University of Maryland Medical Center researchers found that gingko may help Alzheimer’s disease patients, while a 2010 study published in BMC Geriatrics found that this herb was more effective than a placebo in improving Alzheimer’s disease-related dementia.
#4: Ginseng
Asian and American ginseng have been studied for their potentially beneficial effects on cold and flu, diabetes, cancer and, of course, Alzheimer’s disease patients. A 2008 article published in the Journal of Chinese Medicinal Materials claims that American ginseng extracts reduced cell death in Alzheimer’s disease in animal studies.
In addition to utilising these key herbs, you should also manage your stress levels, consume more vitamin E and include more virgin organic coconut oil in your diet to ease the early signs of dementia.

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These four herbs can reverse dementia and memory loss
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