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The Chinese moss that helps prevent Alzheimer's...

by , 25 January 2020
The Chinese moss that helps prevent Alzheimer's...
For centuries, Chinese medicine men have sworn by a natural way to fight Alzheimer's disease.

It's an extract called huperzine A. It comes from Huperzia serrate, a moss‐like plant found in Asia.

Published studies have shown huperzine A to be safe and effective.

New Hope for Nature’s Alzheimer’s Remedy...  

Dr Seth Herzon is the research scientist who found the solution. He is a Harvard graduate, honoured by the National Institutes of Health. Now a professor at Yale, he leads lab research for the chemistry department. His mission is to get huperzine A to everyone who can benefit from it.

“We believe huperzine A has the potential to treat neurologic disorders more effectively than the current options available,” he says. 

The journal Chemical Science published his research. And independent experts support his findings.

Dr Steven Weinreb is the head of research on synthesis of natural products for Penn State University. He says Herzon’s solution “allows access to large quantities of this scarce natural product from readily available materials.” He believes this breakthrough will provide a safe, effective, and widely available treatment for Alzheimer’s patients.

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It's not as widely available as Dr Herzon would like though...

The problem is the supply of huperzine A is limited. The plant takes decades to grow and yields only a tiny amount of vital extract.

Worse, because it is in such high demand, it has been overharvested. Now, it’s facing extinction.

But Yale scientists have come up with a way to reproduce huperzine A. That means a dependable supply, available to people who need it.

It's hard to come by in South Africa, available only online. Search on Google for Huperzine A to purchase this natural remedy. 

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The Chinese moss that helps prevent Alzheimer's...
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