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Take these three steps every morning to protect your memory

by , 28 November 2017
Take these three steps every morning to protect your memory
It happens to all of us: You go to the grocery store and forget the one item you went for. You blank on your new co-worker's name - is it Sue? Sam? And where have you left your car keys?!

Don't worry - it's totally normal for your memory to slip up once in a while, especially when you've got a lot of your plate. In fact, studies show have shown that memory loss can begin as early as in your 20s.

On the upside, taking a few easy steps every morning can help you stay sharp as you age. They may even help you remember where you left those darn car keys! Read on for more...

Three tips to jump-start your memory in the morning

#1: Eat carbs at breakfast
Carbohydrates may be bad for your waistline, but skipping them may harm your memory. A study conducted by researchers at Tuft University in the United States found that people who eliminated carbs from their diets performed worse on memory-based tasks than those who included them. Study co-author Robyn Kanarek, PhD, professor of psychology at Tuft University, explains that your brain cells need carbs, which your body converts into glucose, in order to function optimally. Opt for whole grains and other complex carbs, which are digested more slowly to deliver a steadier stream of glucose. Examples of such carbs include berries and whole-wheat bread.


Does your memory let you down at the most awkward of times?

Do you find yourself saying…
  • What’s that place called again?
  • Have you seen that? Um…um… It’s on the tip of my tongue…
  • Or, what’s his name again?

It’s awfully embarrassing, isn’t it? Put an end to these memory misfires once and for all, here’s how…


#2: Hit the gym before work
Sandra Aamoldt, PhD, co-author of Welcome to Your Brain, explains that exercise increases the blood flow to your noggin, bringing oxygen and glucose for fuel. A study published in the journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory supports this: It found that you can learn vocabulary words 20% faster if you try to memorise them after doing an intense workout rather than a low-impact activity. While any type of exercise before work in the morning is sure to help boost your brainpower, exercises that require you to remember a routine are best – think Zumba or kickboxing.
#3: Switch to a different font
Is Arial your go-to font when typing up documents? You might want to change that. According to research published in the journal Cognition, using a different, slightly difficult-to-decipher font can improve your long-term retention. The study explains that focusing on a new font may make your brain’s processing centre work harder, which boosts your recall. Talk about a quick-fix! The font that was used in the study was Comic Sans Italicised – why not give it a try?
Improving your memory is as easy as taking these three simple steps every morning!

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Take these three steps every morning to protect your memory
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