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Syphilis: Not just an itchy problem down south…

by , 29 May 2015

When it comes to STDs no one wants to talk about them, not even in private with your partner.

The only thing worse than talking about it, is having one.

Especially one like syphilis.

After all there's no itching, discharge or any other symptoms to make you think you have it…

That's why most people don't know they have syphilis until they start to develop symptoms for an even bigger problem… And this could take up to 50 years!

Read on to find out to find out what syphilis can lead to…


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You might have syphilis and not even know it?
Syphilis is highly contagious. It spreads mostly by sexual activity, including oral and anal sex, and even close bodily contact.
But if syphilis goes untreated, you’re at risk of developing neuro-syphilis. This is an infection of the nervous system, specifically the brain and the spinal cord.
Neuro-syphilis causes dementia!
It’s the final stage of having syphilis and it can take six months up to 50 years to progress into dementia if left untreated. And because there are no real symptoms for syphilis there are a few to look out for if it has progressed.
The signs and symptoms of neuro-syphilis include:
  • Incontinence, general paralysis and acting insane
  • Mood disturbances
  • A progressive dementia characterised by memory problems, disorientation
  • Personality changes, apathy, poor judgement. 20% of people with neuro-syphilis, experience psychotic symptoms that include hallucinations and paranoia. Some people display the classic symptoms of grandiose delusions. There have been cases of people who thought they were kings, presidents and prime ministers. One person thought he was God! (This might explain Robert Mugabe’s problem.)
Take the test for neuro-syphilis

Diagnosis of neuro-syphilis is done by either a test called non-treponemal antigenic test or rapid plasma reagin (RPR) test.
How to treat of neuro-syphilis

Syphilis is simply treated by intravenous penicillin. Symptoms of neuro-syphilis can be reversed to a certain extent if the person with the disease responds to treatments. And also depending how long they have lived with the dementia.
Most cases of neuro-syphilis is normally just chalked up as dementia but this form of dementia is treatable and reversible.


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Syphilis: Not just an itchy problem down south…
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