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Keep dementia symptoms at bay by exercising your brain like this…

by , 27 July 2017
Keep dementia symptoms at bay by exercising your brain like this…
You're familiar with how athletes cross-train to enhance their physical skills. But did you know that you can exercise your brain to benefit your brain in the same way by enhancing learning and keeping dementia symptoms at bay?

This is according to a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports conducted by researchers from the University of Illinois in the United States. Keep reading for the full scoop...

New study finds that you can enhance learning and keep dementia symptoms at bay through multimodal intervention

This 18-week-long study is the largest and most comprehensive to date. To reach their findings, the researchers looked at 318 healthy young adults and found that combining physical exercise and mild electric brain stimulation with computer-based cognitive training improved skill learning significantly more than using cognitive training on its own.
However, the researchers noted that the enhanced learning was skill-specific and didn’t translate to general mental wellness or intelligence. 


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“Learning provides the foundation for acquiring new skills and updating prior beliefs in light of new knowledge and experience,” reported Aron Barbey, study author and a professor of psychology. “Our results establish a method to enhance learning through multimodal intervention. The beneficial effects of cognitive training can be significantly enhanced with the addition of physical fitness training and noninvasive brain stimulation.”

There’s much debate among psychologists regarding the merits of cognitive training to prevent dementia symptoms...

While psychologists have extensively studied and debated the merits of cognitive training to prevent dementia symptoms, most of them have focused only on computer-based tasks, according to Barbey. The few studies that have looked at other training modalities such as non-invasive brain stimulation or physical fitness training have either been short in time, small in sample time or narrow in scope.
Therefore, this new study is the most comprehensive of its kind to date. Who would’ve guessed that you can stave off dementia symptoms by exercising you brain in these ways?

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Keep dementia symptoms at bay by exercising your brain like this…
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