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If Parkinson's runs in your family, you should seriously consider doing this...

by , 01 July 2021
If Parkinson's runs in your family, you should seriously consider doing this...
Parkinson's disease affects the nervous system. It can start with a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand, which develops into shaking, stiffness, and slowness of movement - making it difficult to walk, balance and hold things...

One of the risk factors for Parkinson's is having the disease in your family.

But the other major risk factor is the exposure to toxins - especially herbicides and pesticides - and that's what I'd like you to be aware of today.

Even if Parkinson's doesn't run in your family, your risk increases if you're exposed to these agricultural poisons.

Studies find that herbicides and pesticides increase risk of Parkinson's Disease... 

The use of these toxins are escalating unfortunately as organisms become immune to them... So stronger poisons are introduced.

These are some of the toxins you could be exposed to when you eat your healthy fruit and vegetables:

*  The weed killer, Paraquat is actually banned in Europe, and it's been found to increase your chances of Parkinson's by up to 250% 

* The insecticide, aldrin, also affects the nervous system.

* The well-known pesticide, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), affects sensory and motor nerve fibres.

* Pyrethroids are another group of toxins that affect the nervous system.

* Hexachlorobenzene is an example of a carcinogenic toxin...

And the list goes on...

But what are you supposed to do?

You can't stop eating fruit and vegetables. 

Firstly, wash these foods throroughly under running water and by rubbing them. 

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts also found that soaking fruit and vegetables in baking soda and water is even more effective in reducing the amount of toxins you consume. 

And, if you can, buy organic or grow your own veggies - even if you limit these to the most susceptible, generally known as the dirty dozen.

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These "dirty dozen" foods are more likely to carry poisons...

* Spinach, kale, and other leafy greens
* Celery
* Tomatoes
* Bell and hot peppers
* Strawerries
* Grapes
* Cherries
* Apples
* Pears
* Nectarines

Soak these foods - or choose organic when possible.

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If Parkinson's runs in your family, you should seriously consider doing this...
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