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How to keep your brain 'energised' all day...

by , 09 October 2018
How to keep your brain 'energised' all day...
I'm such a fan of Nature - I just think there's so much we can learn from her if we take the time.

This weekend got me thinking about meal times. Why do humans eat three meals per day?

Besides the advent of the Industrial Revolution where masses of workers had to be organised and productive for most of the day, I can't think of another reason.

Herbivores graze all day long because vegetation takes less time to digest. Carnivores use up so much energy hunting, they can only afford to catch prey once a day when they're lucky - but then protein takes longer to digest. And, Omnivores eat vegetation for a lot of the day, and the occasional catch.

Now, it seems the brain functions at its best when there's about 25g of glucose in the blood. Glucose is the most important nutrient that the brain uses for energy. So, eating three big meals per day may not be the best thing for us after-all (despite work and school schedules).

Eating smaller meals, with snacks during the day will keep your brain energised all day. And, when your brain is energised, your body is energised.

Keep reading to find out which foods to snack on during the day to keep your brain energised...

Feeding your brain to keep it going at its best...

So we know we're looking for foods that contain glucose but we also know that spiking our blood sugar is not wise. Hence our list of low glycaemic foods that contain glucose...

Snack on these foods throughout the day (small portions at a time)
* Oatbran, oatmeal and muesli
* Bulgar, barley, wholewheat and rye
* Basmati rice and couscous
* Sweet potato, corn, lima or butter beans, peas, legumes and lentils
* Fruit (except melons and pineapples)
* Carrots
* Non-starchy vegetables (think salads/greens)

ALERT: Combat one of the most vicious “side effects” of an ageing brain

Eat these foods twice a day
* Avocados
* Fish - especially oily fish, like salmon, tuna, halibut and sardines
* Vegetables, including starchy vegetables
* Chia seeds
* Nuts
* Cacao
* Eggs

Eat these foods occasionally
* Poultry
* Red meat

Keep reading for foods NOT to eat...

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Foods to avoid
Anything that has been packaged or refined in any way - avoid. If it doesn't come from Nature to your plate, leave it on the shelf, where it belongs - not in your body. 

There's one more thing your brain needs to keep ticking like a precision clock!
Exercise! It's as important as feeding your brain the right nutrients. So, get moving - by doing something you love... Walking, dancing, yoga, swimming - whatever motivates you.

With love, from Mother Nature.

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How to keep your brain 'energised' all day...
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