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Golf is better than Tai chi to reduce Parkinson's symptoms...

by , 28 April 2021
Golf is better than Tai chi to reduce Parkinson's symptoms...
If you've been diagnosed with Parkinson's, you've probably decreased activities like golf, dancing and possibly even going for long walks with fear of falling.

But, a recent study shows that golf can actually help reduce symptoms and improve balance!

Get your golf clubs out of the cupboard again - they can help you manage, or possibly even slow down the progression of Parkinson's… 

These new findings are due to be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 73rd Annual Meeting.

In the study, 20 participants with moderate Parkinson’s symptoms either chose to do 10 weeks of one-hour group sessions of golf or Tai chi classes.

In the past, Tai chi was thought to be the best kind of exercise to improve balance...

But it turns out, that after the 10 weeks, the participants that chose golf had improved mobility and balance scores, while those that had chosen Tai chi had worse scores than when they started. 

Plus, there was one more huge benefit the game of golf provided over Tai chi - find out what it is below...

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More of the participants who chose golf wanted to keep doing it compared to the Tai chi group.

Only 33% (a third) of the Tai chi group said they would continue while 86% of the group playing golf wanted to continue.

Plus, only 33 percent of Tai chi participants reported they were likely to continue practicing than the 86 percent of golfers.

And if you're familiar with golf, you'll know you get the added benefit of being out in the sunshine - which enables your body to make vitamin D.

Another great feature of golf is that it incorporates a social element - which doesn't just make it more enjoyable, it's also important to maintain good health.

So get your golf clubs out of the cupboard and start swinging those balls again!

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Golf is better than Tai chi to reduce Parkinson's symptoms...
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