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A Vitamin Cocktail that saves your mind and could ward off dementia

by , 06 June 2019
A Vitamin Cocktail that saves your mind and could ward off dementia
According to a Finnish study published in the journal, Neurology, people who consume foods rich in B12 may reduce their risk of Alzheimer's in later years.

Another study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that these vitamins prevented shrinkage of the medial temporal lobe - the part of the brain directly associated with Alzheimer's.

B vitamins could save your memories... 

Participants at the start of the study all had high homocysteine levels – a protein in the blood associated with Alzheimer’s. But after taking a cocktail of Vitamin B nutrients, their levels dropped by 29%.

This cocktail helped slow down brain shrinkage, in some cases by as much as 8 times.

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There's more good news though. By controlling your homocysteine levels with B vitamins, you will also be protecting your heart! High homocysteine levels are a risk factor for heart disease

Keep reading to find out what this cocktail contains...

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What's in the B Vitamin Cocktail...

• 0.8mg folic acid
• 20mg vitamin B6
• 0.5mg vitamin B12

To get these high dosages, you will need to supplement with B vitamins - work with a doctor skilled in Natural Medicine.

In the meantime, eat more foods rich in B vitamins, including meat, fish, poultry, seafood and dairy products, including eggs and cheese, avocados, broccoli, spinach, asparagus and mushrooms. 

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A Vitamin Cocktail that saves your mind and could ward off dementia
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