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A hidden reason for brain fog...

by , 19 June 2020
A hidden reason for brain fog...
Brain fog is a condition millions of people experience. It feels like you can't focus as well as you used to - like your brain is a little scrambled. You get confused sometimes and just feel metally tired. You can't concentrate for too long and you know you're just not as sharp as you used to be.

Find out below why this happens...

Is there a toxic build-up of metals in your body?

A major cause of brain fog is chemical sensitivity to environmental toxins. These may be anything from perfume or chemicals embedded in your carpet to pesticides sprayed on food.

Antiperspirants often contain aluminium, a toxic metal. The accumulation of aluminium in the brain has been closely tied to Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders.

But antiperspirants are just one of the leading sources of your exposure. You’ll find the metal almost everywhere you turn – in foods and beverages that absorb metal as they sit on shelves in tin cans, in the foil in which you wrap your leftovers and in many other things, including cooking utensils, antacids, buffered aspirin, anti-diarrhoea preparations and many squeezable dispensing tubes.

Your kidneys normally remove much of the aluminium that you absorb, but that role is based on exposure to a ‘normal’ amount of the metal. The average person ingests far more than a normal amount – between 10,000mcg and 100,000mcg a day. We usually excrete only about 15mcg of aluminium a day. How much is absorbed by any one individual is questionable.

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Coffee non-herbal tea, and citrate contained in citrus fruits greatly enhances the absorption of aluminium from your gastro-intestinal tract.

You may have marvelled at how shiny and clean the interior of an aluminium pot becomes after using it to cook tomatoes or tomato sauce. It’s visible proof of how aluminium transfers from the pot to your stomach.

Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, common ingredients in shortening, margarine and many processed foods, can increase the permeability of cell membranes, providing easier entry for a whole host of substances, including aluminium.

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Avoid alluminium as much as possible - don't eat canned food or drink beverages out of cans, chuck your foil in the recycling box and don't buy more, avoid sprays and cosmetics that contain metals. 

Add lots of corriander and garlic to your food - these are natural antioxidants that are effective against metals.

You can also go for chelation therapy - look for a doctor who is knowledgeable in Natural Medicine.  

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A hidden reason for brain fog...
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