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Your favourite hot drink could cause oesophageal cancer!

by , 15 February 2018
Your favourite hot drink could cause oesophageal cancer!
They say that tea is like a hug in a cup, but a new Chinese study suggests otherwise. According to the study, drinking scalding hot tea can increase the risk of oesophageal in people who drink alcohol and smoke - two habits that make cancer more likely.

The study found that Chinese adults who drank at least one glass of wine, beer or cocktail as well as a scalding hot cup of tea daily were five times more likely to develop oesophageal cancer than those room drank tea at any temperature once a week.

For current smokers, drinking burning hot tea every day was linked to twice the risk of oesophageal cancer as consuming tea less than weekly. Keep reading for more.

New study finds that drinking scalding hot tea increases oesophageal cancer risk among smokers and drinkers

To reach their findings, the researchers behind the study looked at data on 456,155 adults between 30 and 79 years old. Each participants completed questionnaires about their alcohol, smoking and tea habits. At the start of the study, none of the participants had cancer.
The researchers followed half of the participants for at least nine years. During the study, 1,731 participants developed oesophageal tumours. The researchers found that those who drank very hot tea and also drank alcohol and smoked had more than five times the risk of oesophageal cancer than those who didn’t do any of these things.


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One limitation was that study wasn’t designed to prove whether or how the temperature of tea might impact the risk of oesophageal tumours. Another was that participants reported on their own drinking and smoking habits, and their reports could be unreliable.

Some research has suggested that tea helps protect against tumours in the digestive tract

While some studies have suggested that drinking tea might help prevent oesophageal tumours, others have shown that repeated consumption of very hot food or drink might damage the oesophagus and help tumours take hold.
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Your favourite hot drink could cause oesophageal cancer!
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