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Worried about morphine addiction? Try these natural cancer pain relievers instead

by , 05 April 2013

The pain from different types of cancer can be stabbing or dull. But one thing's for sure - it's almost always there. That's why morphine addiction figures are on the rise. Now, research shows you don't have to turn to medication to treat your cancer pain - there are a number of natural options to try. Choose the one that works best for you!

Unusual pain is often a warning sign of cancer.
But how do you treat this pain?
There’s no set standard.
It all depends on the area of the pain, and what works best for you.
That’s why you should challenge your doctor if he prescribes narcotics like morphine, as research shows these often leave you asleep for up to 23 hours a day, says Fox4kc.
Added to this, you face morphine addiction as the painkiller is so strong.
Instead, try relieve some of the pain associated with cancer by experimenting to see what works for you.
Cancer pain relief option 1: Ease inflammation nutritionally
Seeing as some cancer pain stems from inflammation of the nerve, you could experience relief from nutritional yeast, which is very different to brewer’s yeast. 
Nutritional yeast is rich in the B vitamins that are described as nerve food, says HealingCancerNaturally.
Simply mix the nutritional yeast with other anti-inflammatory herbs like turmeric and ginger and sprinkle over popcorn for a fast pain fix, says FatFreeVeganKitchen.
Cancer pain relief option 2: Meditate through your pain 
Even mainstream medicine has incorporated meditation as a method for cancer patients to deal with pain issues without resorting to drugs, says HealingCancerNaturally.
Meditation is one if the easiest ways to relieve stress and keep chronic pain at bay, agrees FSP Health
All you need to do is find a quiet place away from distractions, then close your eyes and repeat a word that has a calming effect, like "peace” as you breathe deeply.
Cancer pain relief option 3: Soak the pain away with bath salts
Hot baths with bath salts or Epsom salt could do the trick.
There you have it. Choose the pain relief option that works best for you.

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Worried about morphine addiction? Try these natural cancer pain relievers instead
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