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When Danny McDonald's doctor told him his cancer would kill him within weeks, he did this and proved them wrong

by , 26 March 2015

When doctors told 74-year-old Danny McDonald his stomach cancer was so severe it would kill him within three months, he ignored their advice. He chose to forgo toxic chemotherapy and embraced a nutritional approach to healing instead.

Four years later, Danny is alive, well and cancer-free!

So what did he do to defy these odds?

The answer, lies in the cancer-fighting benefits of this superfood…

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Next time someone offers you a shot of wheatgrass, don’t turn them down!

So what did Danny do to beat his cancer?
He owes his life to a daily protocol he adopted that involves juicing and drinking wheatgrass.
After coming across the health benefits of this nutrient-dense superfood, Danny put his 60 years of farming experience to the test and started to grow his own. 
I didn't know what to expect, but I was determined to give it a go," Danny told sundayworld.com. “Within seven days the burning sensation I had in my side was gone and I was beginning to feel a lot better. I stopped taking the tablets which had been prescribed and I haven't taken one since. A month later the pain had completely disappeared and I knew I was on the mend. The wheatgrass was working. I had made the right decision to reject the advice of the doctors.”
By working his way up to almost a cup of wheatgrass a day, “Danny effectively cured his cancer and is now a living testament to the life regenerating power of wheatgrass,” adds the source. 
But what is it about wheatgrass that makes it such an effective natural way to treat cancer?
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Here’s why wheatgrass is a natural way to treat cancer

According to cancertutor.com, wheatgrass contains a number of cancer-fighting properties. 
First of all, it contains chlorophyll. This is significant because chlorophyll has almost the same molecular structure as haemoglobin. Since it increases your body’s haemoglobin production, there’s more oxygen in your blood. And we all know oxygen acts is a deadly bullet for cancer cells.
Second, it contains selenium and laetrile; two anti-cancer elements your body needs to fight and win. 
It also contains 13 vitamins (including several antioxidants) and all 20 amino acids. One of which is your body’s natural cancer fighter, SOD (Superoxide Dismutase). SOD scavenges for and dismantles one of the body’s most deadly free radical toxins, superoxide, a proven risk factor for developing cancer.
To top this all off, wheatgrass is one of the most alkaline foods known to mankind. Since cancer cells thrive in a slightly acidic environment, increasing your body’s alkalinity is a great way to fight the disease. 
Bottom line: I said it before and I’ll say it again: “Next time someone offers you a shot of wheatgrass, don’t turn them down! The benefits of this cancer fighting food can’t be overstated.” And Danny’s story is proof of this. 

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When Danny McDonald's doctor told him his cancer would kill him within weeks, he did this and proved them wrong
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