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When animals eat this plant, they don't get cancer…

by , 20 October 2015

There's a green herb with a pretty orange fruit that looks like a gooseberry, growing in the drier regions of India.

And research over the years has shown that the animals who eat it regularly, don't get cancer.

But now, research has turned to finding out how it can help in humans too - and it's showing huge potential…

Read on to find out how this herb can turn your body into a cancer-fighting machine the natural way.

Ashwa – what?

The new cancer-fighting herb on the block is Ashwagandha (Ash-wa-gun-da).
But it’s only new to Western medicine. You see, traditionally, people in India have been using it to treat anything from fatigue to mental illness. And now, researchers are realising it has strong anti-cancer properties.
Researchers from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center say when reserahcers injected animals with cancer cells, they found those who had Ashwagandha in their diet didn’t get cancer.
The effects of this herb were also studied on 100 women with  breast cancer.
50 used Ashwagandha with their current chemotherapy  treatment. The other 50 women simply continued with their chemo alone.
After a year of therapy, 77% of the women in the group taking the herb survived. Only 56% of the women using chemo alone did.
And it’s because of the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties of the herb. It can literally causes cancer cells to commit cell suicide, without affecting your healthy cells.


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Kill cancer cells and keep your healthy ones intact with Ashwagandha

The results of a 2015 Korean led study showed how the methanol compound of Ashwagandha acts directly on the energy centers of the cells and causes them to commit cell suicide.
And it doesn’t have a negative effect on your healthy cells. In fact, researchers believe it boosts their healthy properties through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
So, whether you’re trying to beat cancer or trying to prevent it, Ashwagandha should be on your list of supplements to take every day.
PS: Dr Golding’s cancer-fighting recipe is available as a bonus report at the end of the Realage Calculator. To get your copy, take the test here

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When animals eat this plant, they don't get cancer…
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